If You LIke Obama, Just Wait Until You Feel Him Between Your Toes

Show your presidential pride with over a dozen Obama heads respectfully bouncing on your feet.
Madrid, Spain
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Beatriz VR

Princess Kate Transgender Bride Doll

Don’t be afraid to break barriers with this manly bride. Show your support for the Royals and the LGBT community.
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Cuban Flp-Flop Filled with Rice will Not Let Your Feet Down

What could be better than the feeling of walking on a beach? How about walking on rice while walking on a beach. These rice-filled, butterfly-accented flip-flops will make you the envy of any beach party.
Havana, Cuba
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Genuine Hugo Chavezonometer Only Works In Venezeula

This socialist timepiece will tell you exactly when to go on a rant against the USA.  Looks as natural on the golf course as it does at a political rally.
Caracas, Venezuela
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Plastic Doll Captures Prince William’s Full Range of Emotion

Get your hands on (and all over) newlywed this highly emotive Prince William doll. Family jewels not included.
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Esmeralda Azkarate-Gaztelu

Perfect for Training Bathing Toddlers

Want to join the British elite? Here’s a tip: you need to start young. Combine your child’s washing and brain washing with this unabashedly branded rubber duck.
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Esmeralda Azkarate-Gaztelu

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Love for London while You Clip Your Nails

Finally, you can combine two of your favorite activities: clipping your toenails and loving London!
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Esmeralda Azkarate-Gaztelu

Taste the Freedom of Brandenburg-Gate-Shaped Pasta

Feel the rush of Cold War carbohydrates running through your colander as you prepare your Brandenberg-Gate-Shaped pasta.
Berlin, Germany
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Doug Lansky
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How Can You Measure Your Love for Berlin?

This this handy ruler, that’s how. Every time you measure some piece of crap laying around the house, you can count those millimeters as your love for Berlin.
Berlin, Germany
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Doug Lansky

Redneck Bottle Opener

This colorful 3D souvenir is as appealing to the eye as it is practical. Save your own pearly whites by using it to open a cold one!
Mercer, Wisconsin
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Michael Jeske

Family Friendly Clothes-On Porn Porcelain Tiles

This traditional blue and white Delft tile will have your house guests leaning in for a closer look.
The Netherlands
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Kimberly Williams

Sexy Garden Frog Can Seduce Any Woodland Creature

Add a little mojo to your garden gnome collection with this reclining frog with amazing bedroom eyes.
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Learning Disabled Christmas Ornament

Bet you didn’t know Mater the tow truck has an embarrassing brother in law who never made it out of Radiator Springs.
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Sergey Sukhorukov

Bin Laden Junior Terrorist T-Shirts

Standard-issue for undercover al qaeda operatives. Perfect unsuspicious way for terrorists to recognize each other in a crowd.  Also great for kids! Collect all your favorite terrorists.
Kota Kinabalu
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Søren Stilling

Union Jack Arse-Kicker Boots

Don’t remember the power of British Empire? Perhaps a kick in arse will refresh your memory.
New York, USA
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Rachel Zurier

Melancholic Polish Dragon

What better way to capture al your memories of Poland than with this slightly depressed and confused dragon.
Krakow, Poland
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Malgorzata Kistryn

Oktoberfest Beer Hat

Nothing quite says ”seriously officer, I’m completely sober” like a five-liter mug of beer on your head.
munich, germany
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Gyula Gyukli

Let Everyone Know Your Feet Have Been To Bermuda

You don’t want to wear one of those in-your-face, look-at-me-I’ve-been-to-Bermuda T-shirts. You have to be more subtle about it. These Bermuda socks offer just the right amount of travel boasting. When you’re sitting, show at little ...READ MORE
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Doug Lansky

Plate Clock Tells You When to Eat and When to Look At Touristy Shit

It’s 3 o’clock so it must be time to look the Tower of London. See how easy it is! Forget the guidebook and grab some cutlery and enjoy every minute of your London plate clock.
Heathrow airport, london
Doug Lansky

Warm and Cuddly Queen’s Guard Cyclops

This 2012 London Olympic mascot won’t miss a thing… unless it involves taste, hearing or smell.
Heatherow, London
Doug Lansky

Blue Koosh Ball Bird Loves Sweden

Love is contagious. Especially when you stare into the big, soul-searching, rubbery eyes of a blue bird-shaped koosh ball.
arlanda airport
Doug Lansky

The Only Comb That Will Truly Liberate Your Hair

Let Lady Liberty run her fingers of freedom through your oppressed mane and turn any despotically controlled tangle into a freedom coiffe.
New York
Katie Knox

Wild Kingdom Time Freeze

Ever wish you could just hit the pause button on a wildlife film, then bring it all to life while keeping them paused so they didn’t attack you? Then be able to buy all the time-frozen animals and bring them home and scatter them around your ho ...READ MORE
Tripoli, Libya
Alexandra C. Watkins

Our Most Popular Stuffed Rabbit Smoking a Hookah Pipe

Thanks to the magic of taxidermy, this rabbit can live on for eternity doing what it loved most — smoking a hookah pipe.
Tripoli, Libya
Alexandra C. Watkins

Brazilian Rectal Exam Doll

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been palpated in Brazil or not. It’s going to be this year’s must-have Christmas gift for every kid.
Porto Galinhas, Brazil
Capoeira Dan

Camel in a Bottle Will Not Disappoint!

No matter what your expectations are for a Libyan camel-in-a-bottle sand masterpiece, these are guaranteed not to let you down.
San Francisco
Alexandra C. Watkins

Fiji Coconut Dolls Add Sophistication to Your Living Room

Local artisans spend years designing and hand gluing each and every coconut doll — a time-honored Fijian tradition for the last 3 years.
Carole Terwilliger Meyers

Show The World You’re a Connoisseur of Sexual Innuendo

Conservative mostly Amish town or sexual T-shirt emporium? Intercourse is both!
Intercourse, PA
Emily Vaughan

Traditional All-You-Can-Drink Easter Island Spring Break Mugs

Party all night long as you learn the about local culture by drinking beer out of these famous Easter Island Heads.
easter island
Alexandr Loskutov

Pissing Boy Bottle Opener

Wrap your hands around this famous naked urinating minor and pop open a cold one.
brussels, belgium
Tomasz Wieja