Mini Statues

Bucharest Monkey

dering through a souvenir shop in Bucharest, Romania not expecting to see much of interest when wham! the perfect souvenir gift for my wife appears. She's always wanted a creepy monkey riding a horrendous h
Bucharest, Romania
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Phil Carta

The Only Comb That Will Truly Liberate Your Hair

Let Lady Liberty run her fingers of freedom through your oppressed mane and turn any despotically controlled tangle into a freedom coiffe.
New York
Katie Knox

Japanese Golden Poo Brings Good Luck and Reminds You of Soft-Serve Ice Cream

You can happily stare for hours at this perfectly sculpted golden piece of poo on a red silk pillow. Makes a great centerpiece for your dining table. (Note: yes, this is an actual souvenir and yes, it is a gold-plated poop. It’s good luck in Japan ...READ MORE
Kyoto, Japan
Doug Lansky

Famous Niagra Falls Aliens Commemorated in Glorious Salt and Pepper Shakers

Sure, you know the famous golden-eyed alien twins of Niagra Falls. Finally, someone has gotten around to honoring them with this hand-painted salt and pepper set.
Niagara Falls, NY
Julie Mangin

Mount Rushmore Oil Lamp

Quick, which US President has a lamp sticking out of his head? Learn all sorts of useful American history and light up your room at the same time with this Mount Rushmore table lamp
South Dakota
Julie Mangin

Yarrr, Tennessee!

Aye matey! Brings back all those great memories hanging out with dead pirates in Tennessee.
Pioneer, Tennessee
Karen Reiber

Three-Foot Tall British Phone Booth!

Bring home an adorable three-foot-tall red British phone booth that is guaranteed not to work. It’s too small for children to play in, but you can fill it with all sorts of crap just like we did.
london, england
Doug Lansky

London’s Clock Tower as Envisioned by Donald Trump

Bet you didn’t know London’s famous Clock Tower was make of solid fake gold? Place this shiny almost-exact replica on your mantle and bring back those fond memories of you posing in front of the real thing.
london, england
Doug Lansky
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Can You Believe the Leaning Tower of Pisa is This Cheap?!!

Try to spot the real Leaning Tower of Pisa. They’re all so life-like and beautifully crafted it’s almost impossible!
pisa, italy
Doug Lansky

Sure You Remember Chicago’s Famous Mascot

Everyone knows Chicago is famous for baby crocodiles. Or maybe baby dinosaurs/lizards.
O'Hare airport, Chicago
Doug Lansky