Shot Glasses

You Can’t Stop Dancing After Downing a Shot from this Colombian Hoof

Fiesta into the night with this awkward road-kill shot glass — a perfect conversation starter!
Arlington, VA
Doug Herbert

Tube Map for Binge Drinking Tourists

Drink yourself into oblivion with this shot glass, pass out on the London Underground, wake up hours later and use that same shot glass to find your way back home. Perfect for the visiting binge drinker!
London, England
Doug Lansky

“Holy Shit, There’s A Little Cow in My Shot Glass!”

How many times have you been pounding a shot of Tequila and thought you saw a tiny, cute cow at the bottom of the glass? It doesn’t need to be a hallucination any more! This shot glass has everything you could want in a hard-liquor delivery sy ...READ MORE
Milwaukee airport
Doug Lansky

Pink Princess Shot Glass for Our Youngest Drinkers

You’re a 6-year-old girl who already owns the pink princess teddy bear. Now you want some matching items that will allow you to play grown-up games like ”drinking coffee” and ”slamming shots.”
O'Hare airport, Chicago
Doug Lansky

Shot Glass for Milk Lovers

You love milk straight from a cow’s teat, but can’t stand booze? This shot-udder will help any hard-core milk drinker smoothly transition to alcoholism.
Milwaukee airport
Doug Lansky

Sure You Remember Chicago’s Famous Mascot

Everyone knows Chicago is famous for baby crocodiles. Or maybe baby dinosaurs/lizards.
O'Hare airport, Chicago
Doug Lansky