Lady Ga Ga babuska

y Gaga Collectors Wooden Matryoshka Babushka Russian
Praha, Czech Republik
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Arnar H

Statue of liberty Souvenir Bobble Head

s fun character of the Statue of Liberty comes to life with the bobble of the head. See the Lady Liberty in perpetual animation with this hand painted Statue of Liberty Bobble Head with Americana base. From City Souve
New York City, NY
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Nathan Harkrader

Genuine Turd Birds!

e little birdies from various places made from dung! Add a toothpick, feathers,
Fort Worth, Texas USA
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H. R. Parvey

Kazakhstan’s Top Action Figures

ed of toys that offer too much action? Have a child who wants to quietly (and most likely on their own) recreate the works of Beethoven or the colonial unity campaigns of Franklin? Always wanted an action figure that is accompanied by a small piano s ...READ MORE
Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Emma Wheatley

Bucharest Monkey

dering through a souvenir shop in Bucharest, Romania not expecting to see much of interest when wham! the perfect souvenir gift for my wife appears. She's always wanted a creepy monkey riding a horrendous h
Bucharest, Romania
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Phil Carta

Pinocchio Door Knocker

t pull his little woodpe
Venice, Italy
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Rod Downey

Chairman Mao Wristwatch

irman Mao salutes the masses with this mechanical spring-driven wristwatch. Video:
Beijing, China
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Rod Downey

Pinocchio Door Knocker

t pull his little woodpe
Venice, Italy
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Rod Downey

Chairman Mao Wristwatch

irman Mao salutes the masses with this mechanical spring-driven wristwatch. Video:
Beijing, China
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Rod Downey

Oh those cute mallorquin plastique Satyrs…

play the spanish national Anthem and look like Batman's Joker after two weeks of holiday in the mediterranean sun, wearing some fancy goat-trouser and shoes. Notice the Fungus-Dildo below the left Satyr's
El Arenal
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Christian Rentrop

If You LIke Obama, Just Wait Until You Feel Him Between Your Toes

Show your presidential pride with over a dozen Obama heads respectfully bouncing on your feet.
Madrid, Spain
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Beatriz VR

Cuban Flp-Flop Filled with Rice will Not Let Your Feet Down

What could be better than the feeling of walking on a beach? How about walking on rice while walking on a beach. These rice-filled, butterfly-accented flip-flops will make you the envy of any beach party.
Havana, Cuba
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Perfect for Training Bathing Toddlers

Want to join the British elite? Here’s a tip: you need to start young. Combine your child’s washing and brain washing with this unabashedly branded rubber duck.
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Esmeralda Azkarate-Gaztelu

Sexy Garden Frog Can Seduce Any Woodland Creature

Add a little mojo to your garden gnome collection with this reclining frog with amazing bedroom eyes.
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Learning Disabled Christmas Ornament

Bet you didn’t know Mater the tow truck has an embarrassing brother in law who never made it out of Radiator Springs.
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Sergey Sukhorukov

Melancholic Polish Dragon

What better way to capture al your memories of Poland than with this slightly depressed and confused dragon.
Krakow, Poland
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Malgorzata Kistryn

Warm and Cuddly Queen’s Guard Cyclops

This 2012 London Olympic mascot won’t miss a thing… unless it involves taste, hearing or smell.
Heatherow, London
Doug Lansky

Blue Koosh Ball Bird Loves Sweden

Love is contagious. Especially when you stare into the big, soul-searching, rubbery eyes of a blue bird-shaped koosh ball.
arlanda airport
Doug Lansky

Brazilian Rectal Exam Doll

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been palpated in Brazil or not. It’s going to be this year’s must-have Christmas gift for every kid.
Porto Galinhas, Brazil
Capoeira Dan

Fiji Coconut Dolls Add Sophistication to Your Living Room

Local artisans spend years designing and hand gluing each and every coconut doll — a time-honored Fijian tradition for the last 3 years.
Carole Terwilliger Meyers

These Intellectual Leprechauns Can’t Stop Reading!

Accent your library with these well-read leprechauns.
Maria Dryfhout

Cross-Dressing Hawaiian Ukulele Player

Enjoy spying on your house guests as they lift the hula skirt to sneak a peek at what’s beneath.

Royal Wedding Bear with Ring Will Make You Cry with Love

Okay, you’re beginning to realize that Prince William is not going to marry you. But all is not lost! You can have the next best thing: William the Bear. And it comes with the ring that Kate might be wearing if she weren’t already getting ...READ MORE
London, England
Doug Lansky

Royal Wedding Toy Set

Hey Kids! Just imagine marrying into the Royal Family and getting pursued by paparazzi for the rest of your life. Or hanging out in Buckingham palace drinking gin and tonics with the Queen. The royal fun is as limitless as your imagination.
london, england
Doug Lansky

Welcome to Egybt

Millions of people have visited Egypt, but how many can say they’ve been to Egybt?!  When moved, this adorable camel also plays a catchy arabic jingle and nearly synchronizes it with illuminated flashing red eyes.
Matthew Brown

Collect the Whole Eiffel Tower Family

Talk about uncanny renderings! The patriotic one on the left is a dead ringer for tower creator, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, looking dapper (and medicated) in his favorite bow tie and top hat. The pink one looks just like his wife, Marie (before she co ...READ MORE
Elizabeth A. Taylor
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Jamaican Bananas… from Tennessee!

Ya mon, me be lovin’ some rasta banana wit da creepy smile! It’s the Latest Nashville must-have!
Nashville, TN
Brent Moore

His and Hers British Police dogs!

Can’t decide which to get… get both! They’re police partners. Place them in front of your home and keep thieves at bay. Have been proven more effective than at least one high-priced security system.
London, England
Doug Lansky

Sure You Remember Chicago’s Famous Mascot

Everyone knows Chicago is famous for baby crocodiles. Or maybe baby dinosaurs/lizards.
O'Hare airport, Chicago
Doug Lansky