If You LIke Obama, Just Wait Until You Feel Him Between Your Toes

Show your presidential pride with over a dozen Obama heads respectfully bouncing on your feet.
Madrid, Spain
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Beatriz VR

Bin Laden Junior Terrorist T-Shirts

Standard-issue for undercover al qaeda operatives. Perfect unsuspicious way for terrorists to recognize each other in a crowd.  Also great for kids! Collect all your favorite terrorists.
Kota Kinabalu
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Søren Stilling

Union Jack Arse-Kicker Boots

Don’t remember the power of British Empire? Perhaps a kick in arse will refresh your memory.
New York, USA
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Rachel Zurier

Let Everyone Know Your Feet Have Been To Bermuda

You don’t want to wear one of those in-your-face, look-at-me-I’ve-been-to-Bermuda T-shirts. You have to be more subtle about it. These Bermuda socks offer just the right amount of travel boasting. When you’re sitting, show at little ...READ MORE
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Doug Lansky

Just Try To Tie These Shoes!

Here’s one practical joke you won’t forget — the shoelaces are painted on with an uncanny realness. You’ll be laughing for hours with these otherwise practical and comfortable wooden shoes.
Olivia Neacsu

Ahoy, It’s A Genuine Dutch Clog Schooner

This seaworthy garden shoe will sail one of your feet away to a paradise island, which you can then declare a Dutch colony. Comes with three sails, three flags, and as many Dutch icons as you can reasonably squeeze onto a single shoe.

This Confederate Blanket Will Help Keep You Warm, Segregated

Keep those pesky liberals at bay while you secede from that cold northern weather in our bestselling Confederate blanket (and shotgun wrap).
Ellicottville, NY

The “I Flunked High School Civics” Oba-Mao Duffel

Fox News has you confused between Lenin, Mao, Stalin and Obama?  Don’t bother trying to sort out the details. Just sling this Oba-Mao bag over your shoulder and proudly show people you don’t give a shit about history, ideologies, or fact ...READ MORE
beijing, china
Chris Berwald
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“David” Boxers — The Underwear Michelangelo Would Have Worn

C’mon, who among us wouldn’t want  to show off our hand-sculpted penis with Renaissance stucco pubic hair?
Florence, Italy
Gene Gorter

Paris Handbag with Built-In Bra

Ladies, how many times have you walked out the door, made it halfway to town and realized you forgot your bra?  That’s where the Parisian bra bag comes in. Just hold it casually in front of your chest like a souvenir and no one will be the wis ...READ MORE
Paris, France
Linda N.

The 4-Teat Coffee Mug

You’ll never forget to add milk when you start your day with a perfectly balanced 4-teat cup of coffee or tea. Udder bliss!
Milwaukee airport
Doug Lansky

Relaxation Bag Will Help You Find Your Inner Serenity

Take one look at this tote bag and waves of relaxation will instantly wash over you and lull you into a state of sedated Milwaukee bliss. Now carry it around and let others benefit from its powerful relaxation powers.
Milwaukee airport
Doug Lansky

Sure You Remember Chicago’s Famous Mascot

Everyone knows Chicago is famous for baby crocodiles. Or maybe baby dinosaurs/lizards.
O'Hare airport, Chicago
Doug Lansky