Bottle Opener

Redneck Bottle Opener

This colorful 3D souvenir is as appealing to the eye as it is practical. Save your own pearly whites by using it to open a cold one!
Mercer, Wisconsin
0 stars
Michael Jeske

Pissing Boy Bottle Opener

Wrap your hands around this famous naked urinating minor and pop open a cold one.
brussels, belgium
Tomasz Wieja

You’ve Never Fondled Kangaroo Testicles this Practical!

Need to light your cigarette or open a beer? Why not use a Kangaroo nutsack for the job?  Those dead ”Roo” testicles feel great in your hand, provide all the grip you could wish for and make the task a breeze.
Sydney, Australia
Jeff Anderson

Popener — Pope Bottle Opener

Pop open a cold brew with the help of Pope John Paul II  — official bottle  opener of the Vatican.
Vatican City, Rome
Julie Mangin

Sure You Remember Chicago’s Famous Mascot

Everyone knows Chicago is famous for baby crocodiles. Or maybe baby dinosaurs/lizards.
O'Hare airport, Chicago
Doug Lansky