Accidentally R-Rated

Genuine Turd Birds!

e little birdies from various places made from dung! Add a toothpick, feathers,
Fort Worth, Texas USA
0 stars
H. R. Parvey

Pinocchio Door Knocker

t pull his little woodpe
Venice, Italy
0 stars
Rod Downey

Pinocchio Door Knocker

t pull his little woodpe
Venice, Italy
0 stars
Rod Downey

Ah… to be a moose in Sweden

n the Sweden moose are getting
Stockholm, Sweden
0 stars
Doug Lansky

Oh those cute mallorquin plastique Satyrs…

play the spanish national Anthem and look like Batman's Joker after two weeks of holiday in the mediterranean sun, wearing some fancy goat-trouser and shoes. Notice the Fungus-Dildo below the left Satyr's
El Arenal
0 stars
Christian Rentrop

Literally a crap souvenir – Dino Poop

tasty treat from the museum gift shop at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural His
Washington, DC
0 stars
Edward Keller

Just Like Winter in Australia

Enjoy this typical Australian scene with kangaroos bouncing along in a blizzard underneath the desert sun.
Oslo, Norway
0 stars
Thore Thoresen

Cuban Flp-Flop Filled with Rice will Not Let Your Feet Down

What could be better than the feeling of walking on a beach? How about walking on rice while walking on a beach. These rice-filled, butterfly-accented flip-flops will make you the envy of any beach party.
Havana, Cuba
0 stars

Genuine Hugo Chavezonometer Only Works In Venezeula

This socialist timepiece will tell you exactly when to go on a rant against the USA.  Looks as natural on the golf course as it does at a political rally.
Caracas, Venezuela
0 stars

Perfect for Training Bathing Toddlers

Want to join the British elite? Here’s a tip: you need to start young. Combine your child’s washing and brain washing with this unabashedly branded rubber duck.
0 stars
Esmeralda Azkarate-Gaztelu

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Love for London while You Clip Your Nails

Finally, you can combine two of your favorite activities: clipping your toenails and loving London!
0 stars
Esmeralda Azkarate-Gaztelu

Family Friendly Clothes-On Porn Porcelain Tiles

This traditional blue and white Delft tile will have your house guests leaning in for a closer look.
The Netherlands
0 stars
Kimberly Williams

Brazilian Rectal Exam Doll

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been palpated in Brazil or not. It’s going to be this year’s must-have Christmas gift for every kid.
Porto Galinhas, Brazil
Capoeira Dan

Fiji Coconut Dolls Add Sophistication to Your Living Room

Local artisans spend years designing and hand gluing each and every coconut doll — a time-honored Fijian tradition for the last 3 years.
Carole Terwilliger Meyers

Show The World You’re a Connoisseur of Sexual Innuendo

Conservative mostly Amish town or sexual T-shirt emporium? Intercourse is both!
Intercourse, PA
Emily Vaughan

Pissing Boy Bottle Opener

Wrap your hands around this famous naked urinating minor and pop open a cold one.
brussels, belgium
Tomasz Wieja

Cross-Dressing Hawaiian Ukulele Player

Enjoy spying on your house guests as they lift the hula skirt to sneak a peek at what’s beneath.
  • Win an iPad

This Great Pyramid Can Be Lifted By A Single Human — And It’s Black!

There are people who will tell you that Egypt doesn’t have a black pyramid. Or that they are much larger. Are you going to believe them or your own eyes?

Japanese Golden Poo Brings Good Luck and Reminds You of Soft-Serve Ice Cream

You can happily stare for hours at this perfectly sculpted golden piece of poo on a red silk pillow. Makes a great centerpiece for your dining table. (Note: yes, this is an actual souvenir and yes, it is a gold-plated poop. It’s good luck in Japan ...READ MORE
Kyoto, Japan
Doug Lansky

You’ve Never Fondled Kangaroo Testicles this Practical!

Need to light your cigarette or open a beer? Why not use a Kangaroo nutsack for the job?  Those dead ”Roo” testicles feel great in your hand, provide all the grip you could wish for and make the task a breeze.
Sydney, Australia
Jeff Anderson

“David” Boxers — The Underwear Michelangelo Would Have Worn

C’mon, who among us wouldn’t want  to show off our hand-sculpted penis with Renaissance stucco pubic hair?
Florence, Italy
Gene Gorter

The “I Swallowed a Snowglobe” Bear with Demon Eyes

Great Smoky Mountains are safer now that this possessed bear has been removed.
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Eartha Kitsch

Our Bestselling Pig-Humping Throw Rug

Walk barefoot across this stylish throw rug and get ready for some sizzlin’ bacon from Chattanooga!
Chattanooga, TN USA
Eartha Kitsch

Sure You Remember Chicago’s Famous Mascot

Everyone knows Chicago is famous for baby crocodiles. Or maybe baby dinosaurs/lizards.
O'Hare airport, Chicago
Doug Lansky