Royal Wedding Toy Set

Hey Kids! Just imagine marrying into the Royal Family and getting pursued by paparazzi for the rest of your life. Or hanging out in Buckingham palace drinking gin and tonics with the Queen. The royal fun is as limitless as your imagination.
london, england
Doug Lansky

Princess Kate Thimbles — One For Every Digit!

Imagine sewing a patch on your jeans with a different Princess Kate thimble on each digit! Or just being able to use a different one Monday to Friday! What a feeling!
london, england
Doug Lansky

You’ve Never Fondled Kangaroo Testicles this Practical!

Need to light your cigarette or open a beer? Why not use a Kangaroo nutsack for the job?  Those dead ”Roo” testicles feel great in your hand, provide all the grip you could wish for and make the task a breeze.
Sydney, Australia
Jeff Anderson

Famous Niagra Falls Aliens Commemorated in Glorious Salt and Pepper Shakers

Sure, you know the famous golden-eyed alien twins of Niagra Falls. Finally, someone has gotten around to honoring them with this hand-painted salt and pepper set.
Niagara Falls, NY
Julie Mangin

You’ll Simply Love This Canned Fog

Crack open a can of SF fog and let the same magical silver cloud that shrouds the Golden Gate Bridge help you with all your vital fogging needs. It can keep you from having to watch your kids eat at the breakfast table, look at your uncleaned room or ...READ MORE
San Francisco, CA, USA
Linda N.

Paris Handbag with Built-In Bra

Ladies, how many times have you walked out the door, made it halfway to town and realized you forgot your bra?  That’s where the Parisian bra bag comes in. Just hold it casually in front of your chest like a souvenir and no one will be the wis ...READ MORE
Paris, France
Linda N.

Popener — Pope Bottle Opener

Pop open a cold brew with the help of Pope John Paul II  — official bottle  opener of the Vatican.
Vatican City, Rome
Julie Mangin

Collect the Whole Eiffel Tower Family

Talk about uncanny renderings! The patriotic one on the left is a dead ringer for tower creator, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, looking dapper (and medicated) in his favorite bow tie and top hat. The pink one looks just like his wife, Marie (before she co ...READ MORE
Elizabeth A. Taylor

Traditional Academic Back Scratcher

This traditional University of Wisconsin back scratcher will satisfy any academic itch up to PhD level. It can also be used for waving to friends across campus, petting badgers, and shaking hands with people you’d rather not touch.
Milwaukee airport
Doug Lansky

Presto! You’re Certified. Start tipping!

As any self-respecting cow tipper knows, the toughest part is nailing down that certification. Instead of waiting for months for the paperwork to be processed, you can now pick up this handy coffee mug.
Milwaukee airport
Doug Lansky